Signs You are Dating a High-Maintenance Girl

Finally, you’ve found the girl of your dreams.  You’ve been dating each other for the past two months but you still can’t understand exactly what she wants from you. At times she acts sweet.  Other times she seems cold and materialistic.. If you want to know whether your girlfriend is high-maintenance or not, read on and learn the signs that you’re dating a high-maintenance girl.

  • She usually wears hats, especially that wide-brimmed type. She acts sophisticated and mingles only with high profile people. She hates to mingle with low class people and who don’t dress nicely.
  • When she orders dinner, she always orders the most expensive item on the menu.  And, dinner wouldn’t be complete without the best bottle of wine.  She always demands the best.
  • If your car is not spotlessly clean, she will give you a dirty look to show her unhappiness.  She is going to ride in your car so it has to be perfect for her. And, forgetting to open the car door for her will make her very upset.
  • She makes unflattering comments about your clothes, even if you are wearing nice pressed clothes. She always expects you to wear only expensive clothes or designer wear.
  • She can spend hours in front of the mirror doing her hair and makeup whenever you are going out.
  • She is a daddy’s girl. Though she doesn’t earn anything, she spends like a queen with her daddy’s platinum card. Since her parents treat her like a queen, she expects the same from you.
  • She always finds fault with you, no matter how hard you try to make her happy. When you do something to surprise her, she complains because it isn’t good enough.  For instance, you buy her roses and she gets mad at you for not choosing her favorite lilies.

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