The Seven Cruelest Things Women Do to Men

Women can be downright cruel to men, especially when it comes to dating and relationships, whether on purpose or out of indifference, men often suffer at the hands of the fairer sex.  Here are seven cruelest things women do to men.

They Don’t Answer The Telephone:

After a lot of difficulty and hard work, a man somehow manages to get a girls’ phone number.  Then, he calls, excited to ask her out, only to find out she’s given him a fake number.

Using Men to Get Free Drinks:

Women can be cruel enough to use guys for free drinks. Some women never want to spend even a single penny when they go out and will pretend to like a guy just to get him to buy her drinks.   She will toss the guy over as soon as a more attractive man comes along.

Using Guys as Placeholders:

There are certainly some girls who just can’t live without being in a relationship.  They don’t know how to be alone and so they will date a guy as a placeholder until they find someone better.

Emotionally Manipulate Men:

Women know that guys can’t stand to see women cry and they take advantage of this trick when they need or want something. A few drops of tears can make guys putty in a woman’s hands.  He will do anything to stop her from crying.

Using Physical Violence:

It’s accepted that if a man hits a woman that it’s wrong.  But, some women think that just because they are a woman it’s all right to hit their boyfriends.  They think that because they are women that it’s not abuse.  Instead of talking over problems, they strike out.

Criticize Their Partner in Public:

There are some cruel women who don’t mind criticizing and humiliating their partner in public. Some women poke fun at their husbands or boyfriends, even soundly disgracing them in front of others.

They withhold sex:

Some women use sex as leverage.  To get what they want or even to punish their boyfriend, these women will withhold sex or threaten to withhold sex, trying to force her partner to do what she wants.

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