Four Rules for Breaking Up

Some people think that it’s not good to break up during the winter because you need someone to help keep you warm. But regardless of the seasons we need someone to encourage us and be there whenever we need them. There are times when breaking up is inevitable.

Whatever the reason for you wanting to break up you should avoid using malice words and respect your ex, because she/he is the same person whom you fall in love with once. At the same time you should be firm and clear about your decision to end things with them. Here are four rules to remember when you need to break up with someone.

Don’t Use Malice Words

No matter what the situation may be, avoid adding insult to injury by using bitter words which cannot easily be forgotten. Have some respect for the person whom you loved once.

Be Clear and Concise

Be honest with your partner about how you feel and explain the reasons why you want to end the relationship. Try to make him/her understand the reason that this is the right decision. Avoid diminishing your time together or giving half-truths that will come out later.

Forget About Being Friends

Many people often make this mistake during their break ups. If you’ve decided to end your relationship, you should be focused on the task at hand: to end the relationship. Never ask for promises and make promises that you’ll remain friends with him/her. Friendship may be in your future, but that should not be your main goal while ending things as it can send mixed signals.

You Don’t Need Enemies

This is no time to make enemies. Don’t be rude or cruel in your word choice to your partner. Have some respect for his/her feelings as well.

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