How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Understanding a woman’s mind is a lifelong quest for most men, one that is rarely achieved.  At times it is difficult to tell whether she seriously likes you or just flirting because all women, just like men, don’t behave the same. Here are a few clues that will help you to figure out whether she really likes you or not.

Body Language

Reading a woman’s body language makes it a bit easier to tell if she likes you or not. Take notice of how she is sitting and positioning her body when you are talking.  Steady eye contact, leaning in closer to hear you better and casually touching your arm or hand while chatting are typically signs that she likes you.  Also notice if she plays with her hair or strokes her collar bone as these subtle moves signal that she is interested in you.


When you are talking to her, pay attention to what topics you cover and her tone as well as her apparent interest in the conversation itself.  If she is listening attentively and focused on your conversation alone then she is interested in you.  Try to relax when talking to your interest and be sure to showcase your sense of humor.  Women want to be with a guy who makes them laugh and exudes self-confidence.

If she shows some interest in you and tries to make connections about similar hobbies or likes then she is most likely smitten with you.

Some Other Clues

  • She starts hanging out with your friends or asking them questions about you to try to get more information about you.
  • You can expect her to be first person who congratulates you when you achieve something.  A girl who likes you will want to always be there to encourage or support you.
  • You may find her popping up where ever you go.
  • She will eagerly accept a date when asked.
  • She will be always there for you whenever you need help.
  • She may ask about your past relationships and will try to find out whether you are single or not.

These are some tell-tale signs that will help you understand if a woman likes you or not. But, you should spend some time with her to get to know these tell-tale signs.

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