Tips to Identify a Gold Digger on a Dating Site

When it comes to dating or meeting new people or finding soul mates, online dating has become the most popular trend among singles today. The internet has made it very easy to meet and make friends from all over the world. Meeting someone with the same interests, passions and beliefs is just a click away.

Unfortunately, there are many deceptive and fraudulent people lurking about online, especially on dating sites. You need to be cautious about what personal information you let other people know about while surfing the web or you could easily be the victim of a gold digger if you appear to have disposable income. Read on and learn a few tips to identify gold diggers on dating sites.

Check the Profile

Scrutinize the person’s profile carefully before you accept any friend’s request. Gold diggers often exaggerate their profiles with embellished content and over the top descriptions of themselves.  A profile with unrealistic descriptions or content should alert you to try to find out more about the person and take things very slowly.

Observe the Questions

When you are chatting with someone, be very careful about the questions he/she asks.  Pay attention to where your conversation is heading. Gold diggers often ask your personal information like your full name, address and bank account or about your accounts or portfolios in a casual manner while being very discreet about their own information. Any questions regarding your finances or your wealth are a big red flag.

Discreetly Designed Topics

Playing the victim role is a very common thing gold diggers do.  They will act very needy and helpless while giving you a hint that they have more serious problems, but pretend as if they don’t want to fully discuss them with you. When asked, they’ll indirectly let you know that they need your help or money.

Become a Member

Most of the online dating sites want you to pay some sort of annual or monthly fee which can be a deterrent. However it is worth doing so most of the time because it will protect you from all suspicious individuals or spammers. In this way, you can help to meet only trustworthy women and men as the fee will weed out some of the rift raft.

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