Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

Nick names or pet names are generally considered sweet and special and symbolize love. Cute pet names can also spice up romance in your relationship. Calling each other a pet name is a way of showing affection and love. Angel, charming, prince, bunny, sweetheart, handsome, adorable etc. are some common nick names which many couples use for each other. But, if you are looking for some distinct and unique pet names to be remembered always, this article will help you find cute pet names for your boyfriend.

Cute Pet Name Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Pet names are a great way of expressing love to your significant other and should be valued and respect by both partners. This means pet names are not to be used often or openly in public places without respect as sometimes these names are private and just for use between the two of you.  Here are some cute, yet unique, pet name ideas for your boyfriend.

  • Cuddles
  • Cookie
  • Hot Stuff
  • Heart’s Desire
  • Snuggle Bear
  • Angel Eyes
  • Babylicious
  • Honey Bunny
  • Sugar Lips

You can even call your boyfriend heartthrob, sugar plum, sweet stuff, cutie pie, sweet kins, cuddle boo, cute beast, hot chocolate, cowboy, Romeo, Casanova, tweety bunny, spikes, stud, hot lips, eye candy, sexy monkey, hottie, sharkey, frizzy, groovy bear, bonbons chocolate kisses etc.  Basically pick any cute pet name that the both of you enjoy and can elicit an endearing feeling between you two.

Pet Names After Animal Names

Apart from those cute pet names, you can also come up with some on your own. Animal names can be very helpful when creating new pet names for your significant other. You can just add tiger, lion, rabbit or bunny to your boyfriend’s name and create nice pet name for your boyfriend, such as Johnny bunny or Alberto rabbit, etc. Or, you can simply call him with some animal name like bear, tiger or deer.

Pet Names From Different Languages

. One great way to create a different and pet name is to use other languages. For example you can use “darling” in other language such as “jaanu or jaaneman” in Hindi, “Cher” in French, “Lieber or Liebling” in German, “Amore” in Italian.

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