Top Five Ways to Seduce a Woman

Seducing a woman is a learned skill, one that you must cultivate over time. You need to follow certain methods that you’ve tried before that has worked. Because of this, you may come across a lot of rejection from women before you find the right methods to seduce and attract a woman. Read on and get to know some tips on how to seduce a woman.

But guys, you need to understand this article is giving tips only to win over someone, whom you are genuinely interested, and not to encourage you to treat a woman like an object. This article will not help you if you are after a one night stand.

Be Sincere

Women love to get compliments from men, but that doesn’t mean you should spout off any compliment that pops into your head.  A genuine compliment is what women want to hear. Too many compliments is a big turn off for many women as they take it as being insincere. One or two genuine compliments are best.

Listen to Her

Listen carefully when she says something as she may give you some clues about her dislikes and likes. Women like someone who listens to them and remember what they said.  Remember what she days and bring it up at a later time.  This will show her you have taken the time and energy to both pay attention to her and care about what she has said.

Be Real

Never pretend to be someone else or exaggerate yourself just to impress her. Don’t forget that pretending to be someone else or lying about you will back fire you later.

Treat Her With Respect

Unless you know each other quite well, avoid calling her broad, dude, chick or any other pet name. Until you treat her with respect, a good woman will never sleep with you and may not be interested in you. Respect is very important whether you want to seduce or attract a woman. If you are after only a one night stand, it’s better to let her know your intention.

Don’t Act Desperate

Acting desperate is simply a turn off for women. Never start talking about sex unless she brings it up first. Let things flow naturally between you.

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