Tips to Screw Up Your Relationship

Tired of your relationship, which was once very exciting? You no longer find any excitement or interest in your relationship? Looking for ways to screw up your relationship? Then, this is the perfect place for you. Here are a few tips on how to screw up your relationship.

Communication Barrier:

Communication is crucial for a successful relationship. Simply stop communicating with your partner if you want to screw up your relationship. When there is a lack of communication in a relationship, misunderstandings and arguments are always present. So, stop sharing and discussing things with your partner. Stop taking advice and suggestions from your partner. Start making decisions without telling your partner anything.

Become a Real Player or Cheat on Your Partner:

Cheating on your partner or infidelity certainly goes without saying when it comes to messing up a relationship. So, if you are tired of your relationship and don’t know what to do to break up, then cheating on your partner is a sure way to screw up your relationship. Start dating someone else or start playing hide and seek. Introducing a third person in your relationship is a sure way to ruin a romantic relationship.

Give Priority to Your Friends Over Your Partner:

Well, so you want to chase away your boyfriend or girlfriend? Start giving more priorities to your friends over your partner. When your partner has plans to go out with you, start turning him/her down, even at the last minute. Say that you have other plans with your friends. This will definitely make your partner very irritated, and she/he will start looking for someone else who gives more priorities to him/her.

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