How to Get Over your Crush

Many teenage boys and girls often confuse a “crush” with true love. But, a crush is certainly not love. It is a bittersweet feeling and is like an infatuation. But, once you realize that your crush is someone with whom you cannot develop a romantic relationship, you need to understand that you should get over it and move on. Many people find it very hard to deal with their emotions and get over crushes. So, here are a few tips on how to overcome your crush and move on.

Stop Thinking of Him/her:

Once you realize that you need to get over your crush, you should stop thinking or dreaming of how beautiful your life will be with him/her. Yes, it is hard to erase someone whom you admire from your mind, but you should stop dreaming about him/her. Focus your attention on something else more important for you. Remind yourself that you should not waste your time dreaming of him/her when there cannot be a future with him/her.

Be Positive:

Always keep in your mind that your crush is not a perfect person. People often feel that their crush is perfect and no one can compare with him/her. Don’t think that you won’t find a better person if you don’t get him/her. Believe that, you’ll find someone better, even if you don’t have the clue who or where your Mr. or Ms. Right is.

Call on Friends:

Try to hang out with your family and friends. Make new friends, and try to meet new people. Who knows, your perfect match may be waiting out there for you. Avoid locking yourself alone in your room just to get rid of your crush. This will never help you forget your crush. Instead, it will worsen your situation and make you long for him/her even more. For guys, go clubbing and hit the sports ground.

Get Busy:

As the proverb says, “An idle mind is the workshop of devils.”Plunge into something bigger or worsen your situation by not doing anything. You are likely to think more about your crush and like him/her even more when you don’t have much work or things to do. So, get up and enroll yourself into a dance class or take up a new hobby. Remember, your life is fun. Make the most used of it.

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