How to Get Sex on the Second Date

Well, so you managed to take out the girl on last Saturday night and both of you had a great time. But, now you don’t want your next date to end with just a kiss. You want to go to further. How to have sex on your second date? Well, it depends on the kind of girl you are dating.

Some girls may be readily bring up the topic by themselves, while others don’t accept the idea of having sex before getting into a serious relationship or marriage. So, what you need to do is to understand what kind of woman you’re dating, before you try to get sex on your second date. If you have the feeling you can make it happen on the second date, here are a few tips for you.


Take it easy, and act normally. Don’t be too tense and act as if you are desperate to have sex with her, even if you are. If you act different and look tense, she’ll definitely understand that something is on your mind, and that may be a turn off for a girl. Let things flow slowly and naturally.

Think Ahead:

Think ahead, and carry the necessary things with you, such as condoms, in case the mood is right for both of you.

Relax, Part Deux:

As mentioned previously, don’t aim just for sex. Your goal should be to make your date as comfortable as possible. Be confident and act somewhat reserved. This combination often creates a good impression for many women.

Only The Two of You:

If you’ve determined to bang your date, make sure that you are alone with her. This means you need to be in a place where there can be only the two of you. Take her somewhere private or a secluded place. It can be in your apartment, your house, a hotel or any place where you can have privacy with her.

Know Where to Stop:

Never try to force her to have sex with you if she is not ready. If both of you are quite comfortable with each other, there is nothing wrong in asking her to have sex. Leave the answer to her; don’t ever try to persuade her if she is not ready.

Remember that there are many different women, and each woman will act in a different way. So, if things don’t work out as you planned, don’t worry.

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