How to Approach Women In Public

Today, most guys know how to approach women, or they are smart enough to approach women in public. Some guys find it difficult to approach women in public. Women may dismiss your flirtations and take you for granted, if you are too submissive when you approach the girl. On the other hand, you may scare her away if you come on too strong or arrogant. So, to approach a woman in public you need to know to how to balance two attitudes: act confident and just be yourself, but avoid being too pushy or cocky. Read on and learn more about it…

Keep it Casual:

Your first approach should be low key, yet confident. No matter how interesting or attractive she is, don’t resort to dramatics when you approach women in public. Just be yourself and act casually.

Make Eye Contact and Smile:

When you approach a woman in public, you have to be friendly. Your smile indicates your friendly nature and makes you look more approachable. At the same time, you need to make eye contact when you approach a woman or when you talk to her. In this way, people will think that you are confident and friendly, which is what women like in a guy.

Find a Good Reason to Approach Her:

Though you may be interested in her physically, you don’t have to appear that way when you approach a woman in public. Find a good excuse to start a conversation on her. Make a light-hearted comment on her surroundings or ask her a question, when you approach her.

Hands-off Approach:

Don’t forget to respect her personal space when you approach a woman in public. Even if she shows interest in you, avoid touching her hand, hair, legs or arms. The girl may initiate it, if she wants to have more intimate contact. Even if she doesn’t, be patient and get to know her before you approach her physically.

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