How to Get Over an Office Crush

It is quite normal to have a crush on a person. But, there are cases where your crush cannot develop into a romantic relationship. In those cases, you need to get over of it. So, if you have a crush on your boss or on another person with whom a romantic relationship is not advisable, you might be looking for ways to get rid of your feelings. Here are a few tips on how to overcome an office crush.

  • Limit your contact with him/her as much as possible. Do the communication only through emails if possible. Limiting your contact doesn’t only mean limiting communication. Avoid being together with your crush or working together as much as possible.
  • If you find him/her attractive when you look at him/her, avoid looking at him/her. Also, think of something bad or unappealing about him/her.
  • We often ignore all the bad points about crushes. So, view your crush only from the bad perspective.
  • No one is perfect, so you’ll definitely find many bad things about him/her. Also, if you start looking your crush only from their bad side, it will help you to avoid him/her more easily.
  • Hang out with your friends and try to make new friends or find other crush. Find someone with whom you can develop a romantic relationship, so that your attention can shift to a new person.
  • Keep yourself busy and focus on your work. Always remember that your main priority in your office is to work and finish your work, and not to flirt.
  • But, don’t be dismissive or rude to him/her. Your crush may complain to your boss about sexual harassment or emotional abuse.

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