Five sexy things to Do on Your Wedding Night

Yes, your wedding night is the biggest night of your life. It can be exciting and nerve racking all at once. So, if you are confused about what to wear and do to create an amazing wedding night here are a few tips.

Flirt With Each Other:

To keep the romance sizzling through the endless hours of photos and family obligations of your wedding day and reception, make sure to flirt with each other.  Slip off together to steal a kiss.  Hold hands and steal quick glances at each other.. This will help build the chemistry and set the mood for a passionate night ahead.

Wear Something Special:

Don’t forget to look your best on your wedding night. Women, you can’t go wrong with sexy lingerie.  Pick something that makes you feel beautiful, something that will make your new husband think about taking it off of you bit by bit.  A man can’t resist a woman in barely-there lace and your wedding night will be off to the perfect start.

Set the mood:

Arrange your room in advance to set mood for an unforgettable wedding night.  Put on soft, sexy music.  Light candles and dim the lights to give the room a romantic glow.  And, don’t forget to have flowers next to the bed.

Talk to Each Other:

Don’t feel you have to rush into making love as soon as you walk in the room.  You will probably both be exhausted from all the excitement of the wedding.  Take time to relax together and talk.  Talk about your future, your dreams, and your desires. Let the romance build gradually and your first night will be everything you dreamed.

Foreplay is Important:

Make sure to start with some foreplay to make your wedding night a more intimate experience. Yes, this is the night you’ve been waiting for but don’t just jump straight into bed.  Start with a sensual massage, whisper romantic and naughty things to each other, and take the time to explore each other.  Your love making and wedding night will be much more intimate and memorable when you take the time to make it special..

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