How to Flirt on a Date

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when learning how to flirt is to wear the right dress and the right perfume. Guys, girls notice shoes a lot, so make sure that you wear clean and nice shoes. And ladies, men just can’t take their eyes off of your dress or your hairstyle, so make sure you dress cute and sexy. Read on, and learn a few tips on how to flirt on a date.

Flirting can be Blatant or It can be Subliminal:

Pouting your sexy red lips and batting your long eyelashes can work wonders where flirting is concerned. Girls, another great way of flirting is tossing your hair, sending the sweet smell of your shampoo to his way. Don’t forget to drop your perfume on your wrist and ears, since these areas pulsate perfume smell.

Tell Him/Her How Great He/She is:

Figure out his/her good aspects, and give compliments on that. Also, it’s important to find out his/her interests and do things that he/she enjoys. This will make him/her feel special and will make him/her more close to you. If you know how to make the person feel special, there will be a line of boys or girls waiting to be with you.

Basic Dating Rules:

  • Physical appearance is very important when it comes to dating world. So, make sure that you look your best. Try to get some fine shoes and nice clothes. Choose the outfit that suits you and is comfortable. Ladies and gentlemen, please avoid wearing revealing clothes, especially on your first date.
  • Another important thing is to groom well and look stylish. No man or woman would like to date a dirty person. Make sure that you smell good. Bad breath or bad body smell is a big turn off for both men and women.
  • Prepare some topics that you can discuss with your date in order to avoid awkward silence. When you talk, have a sense of humor and make sure you make him/her laugh.

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