How to be a Virtual Flirt?

The best way to get attention from the opposite sex is to flirt. If you know how to flirt the right way and at the right time, then your job of attracting date is half-way done. Flirting is fun and exciting but doing it just right can be a difficult balance, especially if your flirting is online. Here are a few tips that will make your virtual flirting more interesting and fun.

Simplicity is Always the Best:

Keeping things simple and uncomplicated is the best way to attract someone online. When you write an email, it should be subtle but confident. Write light hearted emails. Don’t make yourself seem overly complicated and sophisticated when. Simplicity is the best way you can attract someone’s attention online.

Go Step by Step:

Don’t just jump at your first opportunity for a date. Never forget to take things slowly and to go step by step. Avoid writing long e-mails.  Always try to keep your e-mails and responses short and simple. Be very careful with the choice of your words as well. Avoid asking irritating questions repeatedly.

Use Your Humor:

Whether it’s online or face to face dating, humor is the most important factor when it comes to flirting and attracting someone. Keeping your sense of humor at all times will make your conversations more fun and interesting.  You will get more attention with laughter and happiness.

Be Generous With Compliments:

Don’t forget to give sincere compliments whenever you find something good about the person you’re talking to. Giving a sincere compliment is the best way to flirt online. So, whether it is his or her picture, a status message, or something else, don’t forget to leave some good sincere comments and compliments.  It shows that you really care and are paying attention.

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