How to Be Happy Single

Some people are never happy unless they are in a relationship.  If one relationship ends, they jump right into another one just to avoid being single.  But, you can be happy when you are single.  You just have to learn to be happy with who you are and be willing to change the things that you don’t like about yourself   Here are a few tips on how you can learn to be happy with who you in order to lead a happy and fulfilling single life.

Figure Out What you Really Want:

Decide what it is about yourself and your life that you want to change.  What in your life is not making you happy?  Make a list and commit to change.  Small changes can result in a huge boost to your confidence.  And, when you are confident in yourself, you won’t feel that your are missing something by not being in a relationship.

Find Out What Other People Think of You:

From childhood we’re taught that what other people think of us doesn’t really matter. But, when it comes to changing your life, it is important to get input from the people close to you. Other people can be counted on to have a less biased opinion about your life than you have.  Ask them what your best and worst qualities are.  Be ready to listen and not be upset by any criticism.  However, don’t simply ask anyone or everyone.  Only ask close friends or family, who know you very well. And, ask them to only give you their honest opinions

Don’t Expect Results Overnight:

Old habits die hard. So, when you are trying to change your life, don’t expect results overnight. Take things step by step and remember to keep trying.. If you expect overnight success, it will never work and you will just end up frustrated.

Eliminate Stress and Anxiety From Your Life:

The only way to live life happily is to eliminate anxiety and stress from your life. Stress and anxiety can put you on edge and make your life miserable all the time. Get rid of the things that create anxiety and stress in your life. Practice meditation or Yoga that makes to relax and bring peace to your life.

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