Tips for Dating Tall Women

Many guys are intimidated by the idea of dating a tall woman.  But, you should never be afraid of going on a date with a tall, pretty woman, even if you are shorter than her. Her height has nothing to do with who she is. If you let your fear keep you from asking her out, you may never find out if she could be the woman of your dreams. So, pull up your socks and get ready to date a tall woman. Here are a few tips for you that will help you become more successful in dating women who are taller than you.

Don’t Measure By Her Height, But By Her Heart:

When it comes to dating and relationships, you should never measure a woman by her height, but by her heart. And of course, since she is taller, maybe she has a big heart too. What could be better than falling in love with a beautiful, tall woman with a big heart?

Hide Her Heels:

If you still feel uncomfortable about your height difference, ask her to hide her heels.  Tell her how you feel and she will probably be just as happy to wear flats as stilettos.  But, let her know that you love her just as she is, no matter what she decides.

Acknowledge the Benefits:

Talking about dating a taller woman would be incomplete without acknowledging the advantages of her height. So, tell her how lucky you feel to have such a gorgeous, tall girlfriend.

Admire Her Beauty:

Never forget to compliment your girlfriend.  Let her know how beautiful you think she is. What guy wouldn’t want to date a woman with long, sexy legs?  Tall women simply look great whether they are in bathing suits, denim shorts, or a flowing gown.


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