How to Tell When a Relationship is Over

Whether it is you who wants to walk away from a relationship or it’s your partner who wants to call it quits, breaking up or telling someone you once loved that you want to end the relationship is not an easy thing to do. And that’s the reason many people prefer to give out some signal that tells that the relationship is over. Learning these signals will help save your relationship before your partner calls it quits or will help prepare your mind emotionally and mentally to face an impending breakup. On the other hand, if you are wondering how to tell your partner that your relationship is over, you can use the following steps to let your partner understand that you are ready to end the relationship.

The Telephone is Silent:

The best way to tell your partner that your relationship is over is to quit telephoning. On the other hand, if your partner doesn’t return your phone calls or he stops chatting with you suddenly without explanation, understand that you are getting a red signal.

Dreamy and Faraway Syndrome:

If you are no longer the center of her attention, take a closer look at your partner to analyze what’s going wrong in your relationship. If she is no longer interested in talking to you or being with you or daydreams when you are talking to her, then something is definitely wrong in your relationship.


If he starts avoiding you and won’t tell you why, it’s further evidence that there’s something wrong in your relationship. Avoidance can be either that your partner starts avoiding communication with you or that he doesn’t put effort into making your relationship work.

She/He Doesn’t Have Time:

Another obvious way to determine if your relationship is over is by analyzing the time you spend together, whether you live apart or together. Does she always make an excuse to not be with you? When you make plans to hang out together, does she tells that you that she has other plans?

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