Why Women Like Men Who are Spoken For

You might have noticed that the minute you start a relationship or finally commit to a woman, it seems like suddenly all other single women have an interest in you. It’s as if more women hit on you after you get engaged. So what is the reason behind that? The answer is that women like guys who are spoken for. Following are some of the main reasons why…

Women want something that they can’t have:

Many women just go crazy over things they can’t have. These women don’t just lust after off-limits men, but they want clothes, handbags, and shoes that they can’t afford also. Many women just tend to dream of guys they can’t find in reality.

Women Like Challenges:

For some women, attracting or dating a guy who has a wife or a girlfriend is a challenge. They want to show that they are as good as or better than the guy’s wife or girlfriend. For them, it is a challenge to win his heart or steal him away from his girlfriend/wife, even for a short period of time.

Women Can be Bullies:

Some women want to take a man just to score points over their rivals. These same women were probably bullies back in school. These women think all other women are their rivals and enemies, so they are always looking to one-up their competitors.

Women Think Married Men or Men in a Relationship are Safe:

Some women start getting close, thinking that a man in a relationship is safe to make friends with. But, in most cases, things usually don’t end nicely. Later, the woman realizes that she’s falling in love with the guy after spending so much time together. Then the guy needs to choose between his newfound friend and his current woman.

Women Find More Confidence in Taken Men:

Once a guy gets married or committed, he doesn’t have to look around and try to impress women, he just acts like himself, and that can exude confidence. Most women simply can’t resist confident men.

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