How to Rebuild Intimacy After a Breakup

After you break up with someone you truly loved, it’s common to avoid family members and friends and remain alone. But this isolation will not take away your pain. Locking yourself alone in your room will simply worsen your situation. Intimacy is very important, especially in relationships. When you spend time with someone, it makes you feel relaxed, reduces your stress, and thus improves your health. Following are a few tips on how to rebuild intimacy after a breakup.

Tips to Rebuilding Intimacy After a Breakup

  • Rebuilding a New Relationship:

Just because your ex-boyfriend has cheated on you or ditched you doesn’t mean that you are bad and no one loves you. Yes, it really hurts when someone you trust cheats on you, but that is not the end of your life. You’ve got to move on. It’s crucial to develop new or better relationships with your friends and family members. Find a better person who can understand you and respects you.

  • Go Casually Into Dating:

Don’t rush to fall in love. Wait for sometime to pass, and when you’ve moved past your bitter memories, only then should you consider a serious relationship. Go for a date just to have fun, but don’t take things seriously too soon. Take time to get to know the person and follow one step at a time. Rushing into a new relationship may simply add more burdens into your life.

  • Share With Your Friends or Family Members:

When you are hurt or sad, sharing your feelings with those close to you can lighten your pain and make you feel better. So if you are feeling really bad and hurt, cry it out and share your feelings with your friends until the pain lessens.

  • Think Positive:

You may be mentally disturbed after a breakup, but don’t let it take over you. Try to think positive and look for a better relationship. Remind yourself that you deserve a better person in your life. Avoid giving in to all the negative thought coming to your mind.

  • Rebuild your Trust:

If you want to rebuild intimacy, first you need to rebuild your trust. Trust is the key to rebuilding intimacy. If you cannot trust anyone, you can never rebuild intimacy in your life. Trust and intimacy are necessary for a strong relationship.

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