Three Things That Turn Her Off

The countless sweet messages, the late-night calls, and the lovey-dovey talks take you into the world of romantic fantasy. You may go as far as possible just to make her feel special and loved. However, your lengthy talks, innumerable messages, and those sweet acts might be irritating and sound cheesy to her. So, following are the three main actions that you should avoid.

Being too nice:

Yes, there is no doubt that women love to get compliments from men. But remember that flattering too much or saying too many compliments, especially insincere ones, can become a big turn-off for many women. Agreeing to every word a woman says without having your own interests and opinions can spoil the fun. Being witty and sincere is what women want and not a sycophant guy. Just be frank and nice with her instead of being creepy with all the cheesy talks.

Being a Sexomaniac:

Yes, we agree that men are by nature visual creatures. But don’t rush to jump into bed. This will make some women feel insulted and is definitely a big turn-off for many women. If you want to build a long-term relationship, try to take things slowly and step by step. Never ever force her into sex unless she is ready. The girl will respect and love you more if you respect her feelings and interests.

Being too Possessive:

Love and care is crucial to any relationship. But the relationship starts drifting when possessiveness creeps into in. Constant messaging, obsessive calling, and stalking your partner is a big, big turn-off for women. You should give her some space and understand that she also has her life without you sometimes.

Allow her to chill out with her friends sometimes without you. She will appreciate and love you more. However, giving too much freedom also is not good; after all, she is your girlfriend. It’s OK to know where she is and what she is up to most of the time.

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