Secrets to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy

Men are usually the ones who try to make their girlfriends happy. They might take them out to dinner, buy them jewelry, or call them just to see how they are doing. It is not common to think that men sometimes need other things to keep them happy. Women usually do things for their men that they would enjoy for themselves, and yet, their men may not enjoy these things in the same way. Keeping your boyfriend happy is not a difficult task if you follow some ground rules. Here are a few simple secrets that will help you make your boyfriend feel wanted, happy, and relaxed.

Give Him Space:

Guys enjoy time alone and time with friends. Guys do not know how to handle clingy women. If you give your boyfriend some space and allow him to hang out with his friends without you, he’ll be happy and appreciate your trust in him. If you do something for yourself during his time with his friends, he will see that you are independent and confident by yourself, and that is an attractive quality to a man. If he enjoys watching sports or other shows, give him time to enjoy his interests.. Don’t disturb him while he is focused on the show or game; go read a book or watch a movie somewhere else. If you respect his interests and space, he’ll be more likely to respect your interests as well.

Respect His Family:

No matter how crazy his family may be, nothing good comes out of putting them down. Enjoy their quirks, and always present yourself in the best way possible. Remember, they want the best for their son/brother. Try to get to know them, and spend time with them. Find out what their interests are and see if you have any interests in common. Men whose significant others do not get along with their family can get stressed trying to figure out a way to be with both in the same room. By showing you respect and are willing to get along with his family, he will be more relaxed and happy. Until you can navigate his family relationships, he will most likely not see your relationship as serious; however, if you respect his family, there’s no telling what the future may hold for you two.

Show Him How Much He Means to You:

Once in a while, call him and let him know that you miss him and just want to hear his voice. Saying “I love you” is not the only way to show your love for him. Plan a date night, throw him a surprise party (unless he does not like surprises), or make his favorite meal. All these actions show that you care for him and are willing to go the extra mile.

Compliment Him:

Girls are generally the ones who need compliments; however, once in a while men need to know they are appreciated as well. Men may not ask for compliments, because they believe it may be a sign of weakness, so compliment them when they achieve something great or they got a new job doing something that they love. Also, don’t forget to compliment them when they look good, especially out in public. Knowing that their girlfriends are proud to be with them makes men feel more macho and, most importantly, loved.

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