How to Attract a Man

In order to attract a man who may eventually become more, you need to focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Focus on your confidence, your career, your family, your friends, and your happiness. Once you can be fulfilled and happy without a boyfriend, you will be strong enough to enter into a new relationship. Many guys find confidence attractive in a woman.

Exude Confidence:

Don’t always seek reassurance, and stop relying on others for your happiness. Be yourself, and your confidence will shine through.

Show the man you like that you are interested. Casually ask about his life, family, hobbies, or interests etc. Share your interests, and talk about your life as well. Don’t say things just to impress him; he will see this as desperation. Be yourself, and the right man will come along.

Have your own interests and friends. Guys are more attracted to women who have interesting lives and are able to be independent, than to women who have to rely on others for everything including their happiness.

Dress Smart and Cute:

Physical appearance is important when attracting a guy. Put effort into how you look whether it’s getting your eyebrows waxed, your hair colored or getting a cute outfit.

Wear clothes that enhance your looks and personality. Find a style that suits you rather than completely changing your style to what magazines want you to look like.

Men enjoy when women smell pleasantly. Keep up with your personal hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth for that minty smell and perhaps wear perfume while you are out looking for a man.

Be Social:

Seize opportunities to go out with friends. Be social and mingle with others with whom you may not be as familiar. In order to find a man, you may need to step out of your comfort zone and go to places you usually would not, such as parties, mini-golfing, movies, or maybe even singles’ groups. Be yourself, have fun, and relax.

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