How to Talk about Divorce with Your Spouse

Falling in love can happen at any time, but telling your spouse that you want a divorce is not usually as easy. You need to figure out how to bring up the subject. Your partner may be shocked and may exhibit many different reactions after hearing your decision. It’s important to know how to talk about divorce with your spouse in order to avoid misunderstandings or heated arguments.

Once you’ve made the decision to divorce, try to find the right time to talk with your spouse. Find a place where it will be only the two of you, and there are little distractions. If you have children, make sure that they are not present when you are talking about a divorce.

Don’t start the conversation by accusing or blaming your spouse, no matter what the reason may be. Be calm and express what you need to say. Help your spouse understand why you want a divorce. Be firm about your decision.

Don’t forget to give some time for your partner to react. Do your best to finish your conversation in a calm manner and as pleasantly as possible. Your partner may be shocked about your decision and may react in a different way than you anticipated. Try to handle things smoothly. Don’t start a heated argument by blaming, shouting, or accusing him/her.

Avoid discussing every feature of the divorce. Remember this is not the time to talk about who will take the house or the car or figure out other necessary arrangements. These things should be discussed later when both of you have decided to agree to the divorce and dealt with any lingering feelings of anger, sadness, or resentment.

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