Girlfriend or Best Friend: How to Tell

Often, men and women can be confused about their relationship with the opposite sex. You may start off as friends but after you spend so much time together, you feel like the two of you are more than just friends. It’s not always simple to understand what type of relationship you have.

Look for Signs:

Checking for signs is a way to find out if she is your girlfriend or your best friend; however, it can also be prone to mistakes. Your mind can trick you into seeing things the way you want to see them. If she likes to snuggle with you during movies, it could mean she wants more out of the relationship, but it could mean she just feels comfortable with you. If she holds your hand while you snuggle together, it is more likely that she wants something more out of the relationship. She may send subtle signals that she wants to be more than friends; however, since it is difficult to decipher what her intentions are, the best thing to do is ask her how she feels about you.

Ask Other People:

People around you can generally see things more clearly than you can because they usually have an unbiased opinion. You can ask your close friends how they see things in your relationship with her. Since friends usually give objective answers, it is good to listen to their reasons for why they believe it may just be a friendship or whether it could be something more.

Ask Her How She Feels:

Looking for signs and asking others are ways to see if there could be something more happening in your relationship with her; however, if you want to know the truth, ask her if she wants to be friends or possibly something more. Signs can be misinterpreted and talking with friends may result in confusion, so the best thing to do is ask her how she feels and take it from there.

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