Tips to Make a Woman Happy

Many men know that in order to be happy in their relationship, their significant other must be happy. There are many little things that can make your woman feel special and happy.

 Seven Little Ways to Make a Woman Happy:

1. Show your appreciation for the things she does on a daily basis to make you happy. If she accomplishes something, tell her how proud you are of her. Be sincere, and let her know you really appreciate what she does.

2. Do not judge her. When she tells you something deep about herself or her life, make sure she does not feel judged. Listen carefully, and if the situation calls for it, comfort her. You don’t have to try to solve her problems; many women need someone to  just listen to them and comfort them. Explain that you are happy she trusts you enough to share her most intimate stories. Let her know that you’ll always be there for her.

3. Give her a gift for no reason. A gift can be anything either big, such as flowers or jewelry, or small, such as a poem or dinner. It’s truly a loving gesture that counts a lot in a relationship.

4. Respect her family and friends. Be nice to her parents, no matter what. Nothing is worse than dating a man who doesn’t respect your parents or family.

5. Hold her hand when you hang out together with friends or give her a little kiss. It will reassure her that your relationship is important, and a small loving gesture can make a big difference in a relationship.

6. Cuddle with her when you are together. Women generally enjoy cuddling, because it gives them a sense of you as their protector.

7. Compliment her.  Give sincere compliments at different times. If she looks nice, compliment her outfit. If she gets a promotion, compliment her intelligence. If she has a way with children, compliment her patience.

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