Three Reasons Why He Ignores You

You went for a date and had a great time with a guy who assured you that he would call you; however, after the date, he doesn’t call you and won’t answer the phone when you call him. What happened? There may be many different reasons and they differ from person to person, but here are just a few reasons he may be ignoring you.

It Was Too Easy:

Generally, men want women who are a little aggressive and have their own opinions, instead of women who are timid and agree with whatever the guy says. Moreover, they usually give more value to things which they feel they have earned. Similarly, a guy may ignore you if you are too easy to get or are too available with no effort from his side. This may cause him to lose interest in you.

There is a Lack of Understanding:

It is very important to understand the differences between men and women. You should understand that men think and do things differently. For instance, you may find nothing wrong with wanting to talk on the phone for hours with him, but it may not be the same in his case. You need to understand his needs and interests as well and compromise on some things. If you enjoy talking on the phone for hours, and he enjoys talking in person, you could see if he wants to hang out and talk or you can limit the amount of time you spend on the phone with him.

You are Taking Things too Fast:

Women generally want to spend a lot of time with a new guy once they meet someone they like. Women may scare off men when they constantly call or text them throughout the day. Men see this as a constant need for attention, and it can be off-putting. Women may also expect their new man to want to hang out as much as possible; however, men enjoy their time alone. They use this time to recharge, and if they are given some space once in a while, they will be more inclined to initiate spending time with their woman.

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