What to Do if Your Boyfriend Starts to Distance Himself from You

You have been dating your boyfriend for quite some time and everything seems to go well for the first few months of your relationship; however, you notice he is acting differently lately. He may take for granted the things you do or he may want more and more space. If you experience this type of situation, there are two choices; you can end the relationship or you can try to find out what happened and fix it.

Think Back to See Where Things Went Wrong:

Think back to the last time things seemed good in your relationship. From there, try to spot any situations in which he started to back away and try to identify what caused it. It could be as simple as you bringing up a touchy subject, and he tried to avoid talking about it, so he distanced himself; it could also be more complex and involve many different issues, such as your need for attention and your consistent texting or calling throughout the day.


When there is a lack of communication in a relationship, things will definitely start to change, and your relationship will begin to suffer. The best way to figure out why he is distancing himself from you is to sit down with him and ask him. Make sure to state that you want things to work out, and you are willing to work on whatever has been bothering him.

Don’t Stress Him Out:

Men think, walk, talk and do things differently from women. Usually when guys are in a relationship, they find it difficult to juggle their girlfriends, friends, and career. Your boyfriend may be distancing himself because he is so overwhelmed with juggling different aspects of his life. Try this: make him his favorite meal complete with a delicious dessert, and then sit down together and just enjoy each other’s company. Once he feels less stressed, he may be more willing to explain why he has been so distant. From there, you two can figure out the best way to help him reduce and manage his stress and how to strengthen your relationship.

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