Why Can’t I Fall in Love With Someone?

Do you seem to never fall in love and have been wondering why? Are you too picky? Are your standards too high? Or is it just that you are not meeting the right person? Below are a few reasons why some people just can’t fall in love, and how they can work on that.

Four Main Reasons Why You Can’t Fall in Love

  • You May be an Externally Independent Person

Lack of external dependency reflects the person’s strength and stability so this is actually a positive reflection on you as a person. External dependent people are those who depend on other objects or factors to feel happy. For instance, some people use drugs to make them feel happy. While, some resort to someone else to love them, in order to comfort them and to experience new emotions.  But while being too dependent can be detrimental to your love life, so can being too independent.  There is a balance there that needs to be found in order to attract and retain a significant other.

  • Strong Visual Representation System

People with a strong visual representation system can’t love someone unless she/he is very good looking. Try to appreciate that by emphasizing more on the looks of a potential mate, you are ultimately diminishing the pool of people you choosing from and decreasing the chance of falling in love with someone.

  • Your Search Criteria is Too High

Before you set out choosing your future partner, try to identify yourself properly and set your standards and goals accordingly.  Try to be rational and diplomatic to set your expectations in a realistic manner.

  • The Power of Solitude

Some people simply enjoy being alone or don’t mind staying alone.  If you have a strong power of being in solitude, you may less likely to fall in love in your life because you are already content with being by yourself.

That being said, no matter how high your standards or how strong power of solitude, your mind can change when you find the right person.

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