Dating Tips for Men: How to Get a Third Date

It is essential to know how you can get a third date to help move forward in your relationship.  Getting a third date is a great achievement, beyond which there can develop a serious relationship. Despite the implied pressure behind a third date, it is essential to retain your perspective and stay cool.

Don’t put too much pressure on the situation or you will stress yourself out. Follow these steps and your heart, and you’ll realize that getting a third date is not as difficult as you may think.

Surprise Her

Women love surprises and love guys who are mysterious so try telling her that your next date will be a surprise. This simple announcement will make her feel excited and keep her on the hook.  And to give her a surprise date you don’t have to go overboard.  Just put some thought into the date like going to a restaurant she mentioned she wanted to try.  These little touches will make her realize you have been paying attention to her and want to please her.

Give Her Some Space

Don’t rush to take her out within a short span of time. For instance, if you have taken her out for two dates within a week; give her some time before the third date. This will signal to her that you are not that desperate or clingy which are turn offs for women.

Call Her Sometimes in Between the Dates

Avoid calling her too often as this will again make you look desperate. However, you can call her between dates to ask about her day or to check in with her. This will make her acknowledge that you are indeed serious about her and care about her well-being.

Don’t Hint at Sex

This is one of the most common mistakes made by men. Even hinting at sex is a huge turn off for most women, even if they are interested in it as well.  It is best to avoid the topic altogether.

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