How to be Mysterious to Women

Women are known to be mysterious creatures and many are attracted to unavailable or mysterious men making many guys wonder how to be mysterious themselves. Read on about how to appear mysterious and keep women guessing about you.

Keep Your Friends Secret

Keeping your friends secret is a great way to look mysterious. You can do thus by avoiding introducing her to your colleagues, friends and family. Never let her know where you hang out and who you hang out with to help accomplish this goal.

Don’t Give out Your Contact Information

One way to look mysterious to women is not to give out your contact information.  This includes your phone number, your Facebook profile info, your Twitter account, etc.  She may still be able to find you by Googling your name though.

Leave the Past Behind

You are more likely to appear mysterious to women if you leave your past in the past. If she knows nothing about your past or history, you’ll remain mysterious to women. You can talk about her life and try to change the subject back to her if she begins questioning you. Tell her something mysterious jokingly and try to cover up with a joke if you feel backed into a corner.

Sidestep Answering Questions

Be ambiguous when talking to women as this will make you look more mysterious.  You can do this without being overtly rude but by still avoiding a definitive answer.

Play Hard to Get

Don’t be too available for her or her demands.  You can politely refuse or turn down her offers to hang out from time to time so that she thinks you are in demand elsewhere. This will make her more curious about you. Women like a challenge and enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Never Spend the Night

Once you two are getting closer and spending more time together watching movies or having dinner at her house, don’t drag out the evening.  Even if you have sex or are intimate, don’t stay too long. Try not to linger at her house.

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