How to Get Over Someone You Can’t Have

Every one faces this problem at some point in their life. We tend to fall for someone whom we can’t have in our life, for whatever reason. Getting over someone that you’ve loved is all about compromising your beliefs. If you want to get over someone quickly, you need to understand what LOVE is according to science.

Love is the Solution, the End to all Your Problems

If you are one of the millions of people out there who believe that “Love is the Solution, the End to all Your Problems,” then you are probably addicted to love and are considered a love addict, who depends on love to get through day to day life. This is no different from those people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, here the solution is not to find your perfect partner but to fix your view on life.

The Myth of “The One” Concept

The main reason why people don’t get over from breakups or get over someone is because of believing “the one” myth. If you believe that your ex-partner or the person you lost was the only person in this world for you, your subconscious mind will never allow you to recover from breakups. By understanding that the concept of “the one” is just a myth, you can remind yourself that you deserve a better partner; you can get over the person you have lost.

Boost your Self-Confidence

Being dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t always mean you were in the wrong. You have made some mistakes, but try to learn from your mistakes and move on. Contrary to popular belief the pain you experience after your breakup is not related to your ex-partner or the person you love but to your ego, the feeling of loneliness and shaken self-confidence. Believe in yourself that you do better than your ex and move on.

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