How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Controlling You

A little jealousy, possessiveness and the occasional argument are normal in a relationship. These things help you to get to know each other better because after talking through the episode you will have a deeper understanding on one another. But when there is too much of jealousy or possessiveness in a relationship, it will certainly end in ruin.

If you think that your girlfriend is being too possessive and controlling, then it’s time you should get her to understand that it’ll never lead her to a strong and lasting relationship. But if you are not sure whether your girlfriend is controlling you or nor, here are some obvious signs to tell if she is or not.

Excessive Calls

Calling you after every hour to find out where you are and whom you are with is certainly a red flag. If she really trusts you, it’s not necessary to ask you whom you are with or where you are at all times.

Trust Issues

If she went behind your back and double checked with your friends even after you told her where you are going or what you are going to do then you have a problem.

Acts Like Your Mom

Guys sometime want their girlfriends to be like their mothers and dote on them but there is a fine line here. If she wants you to listen to everything she said and nags you constantly, she is controlling you. She will usually get angry when you disagree with her and when you don’t take her word for something.

She is Overly Jealous

Understand that you are dealing a possessive girlfriend if she gets jealous over seemingly nothing. Women who are overly jealous usually don’t give space to their boyfriends. So, if your girlfriend is controlling you, she may not allow you for boys’ night or hang out with your friends without her. She’ll get angry if you talk to other girls, no matter how long you have known them as well.

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