Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

Infidelity or cheating is like a virus that has infected to many relationships across the country. There is hardly a person who hasn’t cheated on her/his partner or spouse at least once in their lives in today’s world.

Traditionally, cheating was more likely committed by men. But nowadays, many wives and girlfriends are not afraid of having illicit relationships and sadly women cheating on their husbands or boyfriends are quite common today. So, if you are wondering how you can find out if your girlfriend is running around with another guy, be very sensitive and observant to what is happening around you. Read on and learn some telltale signs that tell your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Sudden Preoccupation With Her Appearance

Her sudden interest or preoccupation with her appearance is one of the first signs that should tell you your girlfriend is seeing another guy. But don’t simply come to this conclusion just because she dresses up nicely once in a while as women like to dress up from time to time.

Here, you need to look for something that makes her change completely all of a sudden, starting from hairstyle to the way she dresses, like buying a whole new wardrobe or wearing her hair very different than she did previously.

Reduced Intimacy

Your girlfriend may be seeing another guy if she starts ignoring you. For instance, if she no longer wants to hold your hands in public or isn’t interested in kissing or cuddling, then you should ask yourself what has changed to bring this on in your relationship as it could be another man.

Increased Girl’s Night Out

If she is spending most of her time out with her friends rather than you, you need to take a closer look.  Try top make plans as you did previously and see if she begins to make more excuses as to why she can’t see you out and about.  This may be that she is covering up an affair by saying she is going out with her girlfriends.

Increase in Phone Calls

If your girlfriend receives phone calls at certain times of the day and begins not talking in front of you, it may be a bad sign. If she starts to be more protective of her phone and doesn’t leave it lying around then you should be more observant what is happening around you.

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