Four Things Women Like About Men

There are certain things that women love to see in their men, but would never let it out. Well, so guys you want to know what women like about men? Knowing what women like from their men will also help you understand more about women and make you more successful in your love life. Here are the top four things women like about men.

How You Protect Us:

No matter how she is confident and independent, she still loves to be with a guy who is protective, both emotionally and physically. When she knows that she is your woman, she allows you to protect her from harm and take care of her. Taking care here, doesn’t only mean when she is physically threatened by others or someone else, but also emotionally hurt or threatened. If she was insulted or abusing by someone, you go confront to the person and protect her. And, yes that’s what women actually like to see in their men. She feels secure when she is with you and she actually loves that.

Your Childlike Qualities:

Women just love the way their guys’ childish act sometimes. Well, but this can be good or bad, depending on what kind of guy you are. But, the fact is that women love the way a man turns into a little lad when he wants something badly or gets excited about something. On the other hand, don’t let it go too far, she is not your mother. Women won’t like it, when you throw your fit and act like a six years old boy when you didn’t get what you want. Instead, women want to see how loving and innocent you are.

The Way You Smell:

Yes, women want their men to smell good always. There is just something that a man smells and it certainly turns women on. It’s just that the smells or manly scent your body gives out attracts women and let it linger in a woman’s mind always. It doesn’t matter whether you are au natural or wearing expensive cologne. But, this doesn’t mean you to stop using deodorant or wearing cologne. It just means, you should find the right one that work best for you. Keep your body clean and let your body play the games.

How You Try Hard to Impress Us:

How you try your best and do something out of your way just to impress her during your courting days is really so cute, women just love that. You do what ever you can and do your best to get the attention of a girl you like. Some guys even go so far and they even take up a new course just because of the woman they want. And yes, women love the way you are trying to impress them and get their attention because women just love getting attention from others, especially from guys. However, this is also to certain extend. When you went overboard, women may turn you down.

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