What Attracts Women to Men

One of the biggest mistakes many guys make when trying to impress women is believing that one solution fits for all women and situations. Yes, there are certain things which most women may get attracted such as social status or confidence. However, all women are not same. Therefore, to attract a woman you need to know what makes her tick. Knowing what women like in men and what makes a woman impressed will help you be more successful in your dating world or love life.

Well, now you know that most women think almost the same way, however each woman will certainly have at least one different wish in their wish list. And, let’s see what are those things that attract women.

Alpha Males:

There is no doubt that women are most attracted to charismatic, influential and strong men. If you ask any woman about her dream man, the majority of women will answer alpha male. The fact is that women may give you some handsome celebrities as an example of their dream guy, but when it comes to marriage, it may be exactly opposite of what they said. Women use different parameters and aspects for selection of their life partners.

Ambitious & High Social Status:

Women need security and protection and the main thing that makes women feel secure and protected is being with an ambitious or a high social status man. Women are attracted to ambitious men simply because they know that ambitious men will become successful one day. Women are more attracted to a guy who drives the latest and expensive car than a guy who drives an ordinary car.

Self Confidence:

Nothing is more attractive than a confident man for women. So, if you feel that you lack confidence, first build or boost your confidence level before you try to attract a beautiful woman. When you are confident about yourself, you look more smart and intelligent automatically.


For certain women, popularity can be another main factor of attraction. Though, she may not really like the guy, if he is popular among her friends or other girls, she may start getting attracted to the guy. Research proves that women tend to get attracted more to men when they see other beautiful girls smiling at them. Then, just imagine what about a guy who has many fans???

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