Four Secrets Of Body Language

Knowing these four secrets of body language will help you understand better about your partner or others. Body language can be described as non-verbal communication including facial expressions, gestures and even the physical position of the body. It may be difficult to determine the exact movements of each person. However, there are certainly some common body language signs that help you understand the person’s interest and mood.

Watch the Eyes:

Like many people said “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, your eyes can speak a lot which your mouth cannot. You can understand the person’s interest or mood by looking at his/her eyes when you talk. So, if she/he focuses his/her eyes on you and intensely listens when you talk, it shows that she/he is interested in you.

Position of the Body:

When she/he’s interested in you, no matter how and where she/he is sitting or standing, his/her body will face directly towards your side. If she/he is not interested in you, you can find his/her body turning somewhere else. If you are talking to a guy/girl and if his/her body turn stiff or turn side instead of facing to your side, understand that you have turned off his/her interests.

Opening Arms:

Opening arms, especially his/her body facing your direction, this means she/he is receptive to what you says or your ideas. Sitting or standing crossed arms means she/he is not really into you. Crossed arms also mean shyness and feeling uncomfortable. So, don’t come to conclusion that she/he is not into you right after seeing him/her crossing arms while talking to you. You need to check out some other gestures and body language to understand what she/he really means.

Mood Match and Movement:

A woman or man who falls into your arm during intimate moments or while dancing, or walks by your side freely can also mean she/he is communicating with you on different level. When she/he imitates whatever you do, then chances are she/he is interested in you. For instance, you take your glass to take a sip of water and if she/he does the same thing, it indicates his/her interest in you. She/he often touches you, gives you a hug for every little thing, it is for sure she/he is into you.

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