How to Know When Your Girlfriend Wants a Kiss

Some guys are smart enough to find out when their girlfriends need and want a kiss from them. While for some guys, they just end the day scratching their head, wondering whether they should give a kiss or not? Well, but the fact is that women send out some obvious signals when they want a kiss from their boyfriends. It’s just that you are not aware or ignore those signs. You just need to be aware of certain body language and physical signs of your girlfriend. So, here are a few tips to know when your girlfriend is ready for a lip locking play.

A Change of Proximity:

Moving closer to you is one of the obvious signs that tells your girlfriend needs a kiss from you. When she turns her chin towards you or upwards or snuggles into your chest, she is telling you indirectly that it’s lip locking time.

Keep Eye Contact:

When your girlfriend is ready to kiss you, she will fix her gaze on you or hold an eye contact. You will also notice that her breathing becomes deeper. When you get that lusty and sexy look, it is for sure she wants a kiss.

Try Moving Towards Her:

To know whether your girlfriend is ready for a kiss, you can also use a reverse test. Move closer towards her and embrace her. If she readily accepts the gesture and reacts accordingly, then it’s the right time you can reach her open mouth. But, if she tries to push you away or recoils, understand that she is not yet ready.

She Licks Her Lips:

If she slowly sweeps her tongue across her lips or when she licks her lips, it’s for sure she is waiting for a kiss. If you get this signal, you don’t need to wait for another obvious sign that tells your girlfriend is expecting a kiss from you.

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