How to Date if You are Broke

Many guys feel dating requires money, but that’s absolutely not true. Just because you have empty pockets, doesn’t mean you should stop dating. You can have fun and enjoy your dating life even if you don’t have single penny to your name. So, don’t worry and feel sorry for yourself. Just check out the following tips and your dating life won’t have to grind to a halt just because you are broke.

Date at Home:
Who says dating cannot be at home??? If you can, plan a date at your home so that you can make all the necessary arrangements. Settle for cheap meals, cook it very deliciously and set the table beautifully. And, be sure to treat to your date at an exquisite restaurant once you get money.

Baby-sit Together:
Dates don’t necessarily have to be in restaurants, theaters, coffee shops or other similar places. Any place where you get comfortable and sit together with your date will work. Even babysitting can give you a great chance to spend time together with your date and have fun. So, volunteer to watch your young nieces, nephews or siblings. You can prepare craft activities, games or watch movies and enjoy each other’s company. But, don’t forget that young innocent kids surround you and you need to be very cautious about your actions. Leave any intimacy for later.

Take a Walk:
You can even have the most romantic date in the park just by taking a stroll hand-in-hand. Walking in the park sounds very cheap and so simple, but if you plan it properly and execute it well, trust me it can be very romantic and memorable. So, head for a nearby park and simply enjoy each other’s company while getting to know each other more.

Visit to a Local Art Galleries:
If both of you share an interest in arts, take your date to a nearby art gallery. Most the local art galleries are free or low cost. As you meander through the gallery, you’ll get to know each other better, which is, after all, the ultimate goal of dating.

The above tips are just some ideas for you to continue your dating life even if you are broke. You can get as creative as you want, thinking of better outings that won’t cost much money. Remember that dating is all about meeting your date and getting to know each other better, not all about spending money. Yes, money definitely helps, but money should not control your dating life.

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