Dating Advice for Women

Today’s dating style has changed drastically from previous decades. In the past there were many rules and regulations regarding dating, especially for women. But today, there are no hard and fast rules, whether you are a woman or man. You just have to follow your heart and go with the flow. However, there are certain guidelines you might want to follow, if you want to have better luck in the dating world. So, here are five important dating tips for women.

Five Important Dating Advices for Women
Topics to Avoid:
No matter how many ex-boyfriends you’ve had, or no matter how sincere you are, never talk about your ex-boyfriend or fiancé on your first few dates. If you talk about a previous relationship during the initial few dates, men immediately think two things. First, you are not yet over your ex boyfriend, which means you are still in love with him. Secondly, you are angry and bitter about being dumped. Guys don’t like either of these feelings, and most will back away from your, rather than add more burden to your life.

Be Yourself:
Dating tips for women may go on and on, but if you know these two simple words “be yourself”, it covers all the important tips. Forget about acting like the girl next door if that’s not really you. Never pretend to be someone else just to get a man’s attention. You’ll simply end up frustrating yourself and missing out on the fun part of dating. He’ll be disappointed once he comes to know your true colors.

Don’t Trap Him:
Take things slowly and allow the relationship to grow step by step. Even if you feel that he has great interest in you, never start talking about marriage or future plans too early. Men usually take things more slowly than women. So don’t push your boyfriend to make a decision right away. He will feel trapped. Remember that rushing a man often ends up chasing him away.

Accept Compliments:
Believe it or not, many guys complain that women do not appreciate and accept compliments properly. So, don’t forget to say “thank you” when your date tells you “you look great” or gives you any compliment. Don’t accuse him or cut yourself down when he compliments you. You don’t have to tell him how expensive that great dress you’re wearing was or how you struggled to afford it. Just smile and think to yourself how it was money well-spent! Accepting a compliment properly indicates that you are confident and comfortable with yourself.

Have Your Own Opinions:
Guys get bored quickly with women who agree with and accept everything they say. Yes, for the time being, it may flatter the man’s ego, but that will soon become irritating and boring when he realizes that he cannot hold an intelligent conversation or discussion with you. So, don’t hesitate to open up your opinions or suggest new ideas when you disagree with his. Just don’t argue or talk in such a way that he will think you’re insulting his opinion.

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