What is a Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship is just like the word “toxic” which means poison, and its effects are harmful to the people involved in it. A toxic relationship isn’t restricted to a relationship between husband and wife; it can be between bosses, colleagues, friends or parents. When one person is always trying to control and rule over the other person and make them look inferior in front of others or in private, this is a toxic relationship.

The one being controlled and dominated is the victim and they end up feeling needy, dependent and guilty. Toxic people swing their moods constantly. One moment they treat you nicely and then in the next moment they will insult you for no reason. Most of the time, to all outward appearances, toxic people are charming, have good communication skills, are sweet-talkers and seem to be in control of all aspect of their life. Some other significant qualities of toxic people are a constant demand for love, attention and materialistic things in personal relationships.

Toxic Relationship signs:

The controlling trait of toxic people is very significant. They will start making small decisions for you initially and later try to make every decision for you and if you don’t oppose them this will make you feel dependent. Some of the other significant toxic relationship signs are given below.

  • Toxic people are unappreciative and dissatisfied with anything their partners do.
  • They are usually very self-centered and talk about their problems and needs all the time. They are not the least bit interested in the other person needs or interests.
  • They are very possessive about their partners and may even try to isolate them from their friends and family.
  • A toxic person makes the other person feel unimportant and stupid all the time.
  • Toxic people will often blame their partners for everything that is wrong. They expect their partner to change and put in all the effort to make the relationships work.

How to Handle a Toxic Relationship

  • One of the most significant problems in every relationship is a lack of good communication. Try communicating your feelings to your partner if you find yourself in a toxic relationship.
  • Be gentle and avoid blaming or accusing the other person, even if they are trying to blame you. Make your partner understand clearly that you are ready to give your relationship a second chance, but only if they are ready to give you space.
  • Make your toxic partner understand the importance of respecting each other’s space and individuality in a relationship.
  • If your toxic partner is not ready to accept this, you need to decide whether you should leave them and move on, or if you still want to give your relationship one more try.


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