Insecurity in Relationships: How Insecurity Can Ruin a Relationship

The fastest way to create a rift in your relationship is to feel insecure. To love someone and be loved in return, you need to be confident in yourself and love yourself. Many people drive themselves to distraction with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt and end up ruining their relationships. Following are ways that feelings of insecurity can ruin a healthy and passionate relationship.

Insecurity Breeds Jealousy:

Just because someone is your partner, you cannot expect them to stop communicating with everyone else. If you are not confident in yourself and your relationship, you tend to feel insecure and get jealous easily. The slightest thought of your significant other talking with other men or women can make you feel jealous and acting out on this will harm your relationship.

Insecurity Causes Difficulty in Opening Up to Your Better Half:

Always remember that emotional intimacy is crucial for a healthy relationship. Many people fear they will be rejected by their partner if they reveal the truth about who they really are. By holding things in you are driving your partner because they won’t feel that you trust them. The person you’re with needs to love every part of you without condition or the relationship is doomed to fail.

When You Are Insecure, You Cannot Trust Your Partner:

Thoughts of your significant other leaving you or cheating on you can disturb and torture your mind. It may come to the point where you start making false assumptions about your partner does and says. Such unjustified actions will make your partner angry and feel hurt. You need to understand that it is really frustrating and difficult to love someone who doesn’t trust you.

Insecurity Can Undermine Your Appeal:

When you are insecure and lack self-confidence, you tend to put yourself down or feel inferior in front of others. This behavior is not attractive or appealing. No man or woman wants to be with a person who doesn’t believe that they are appealing, interesting and valuable as a person. Confidence is what men and women look for when they are seeking their life partners.

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