Relationship Warning Signs: Four Signs That Your Relationship is in Trouble

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Some relations grow stronger the longer they continue while some go from bad to worse and are not worth continuing. Knowing the warning signs of a relationship in trouble will save you considerable heartache. Studies have shown that there are generally four behavior patterns that indicate your relationship is in trouble. Read on and familiarize yourself with these four indicators so that you can maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

Withdrawal and Avoidance:

If your partner shows no interest in engaging in important or serious discussions, your relationship may be at risk. Withdrawal can show itself as behavior like leaving the room, shutting down or turning off during an argument or discussion. Avoidance is similar to withdrawal and involves showing no desire to share in the other person’s happiness or feelings and trying to avoid deep communication. Communication is the key to a healthy and strong relationship. If proper communication between the two of you is fading or nonexistent then it’s time to start working on making your relationship work.

Inconsiderate Attitude:

This is another indicator that your relationship is on the verge of a breakup. It is a behavioral pattern where one partner directly or subtly demeans the character, feelings or thoughts of the other. Such behavior, whether it is unintentionally or intentionally done, can hurt the ego of the other person badly and reduce their self-esteem. Inconsiderate attitudes can come in many forms. For example, your partner is not considerate of your feelings and thoughts or your partner believes that your feelings of frustration or sadness are inappropriate. If you perceive that this behavioral problem exists in your relationship talk to your partner and make them understand what is going wrong in your relationship.

Negative Interpretations:

Lack of trust in a relationship is never a good thing. When one partner always believes that the motives or actions of the other person are always wrong or negative, then there is definitely a formidable problem in the relationship. When there is no trust between two people how can there be love and happiness in a relationship??? Negative interpretations can also occur when one partner has cheated on the other or when one person is prone to extreme feelings of insecurity.

Blame Game:

This problem occurs when partners respond to each other negatively and are continually accusing or blaming each other during arguments. While there are often disagreements between two people in a relationship, it will create more problems if they constantly accuse each other of wrongdoings. You need to be very careful, cautious and considerate with the words you use during arguments. If whenever you try to discuss something with your partner it always ends up in a fight and you end up hurting each other, this is a big sign that your relationship is in danger.

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