Signs a Female Coworker Doesn’t Like You

There are always some indicators that reveal that someone doesn’t like you when it comes to the dating world. When it comes to the work place or office though, sometimes it’s quite difficult to know if your co-worker doesn’t like you. For some women it’s all about being professional in the workplace and that can make it hard to know how she feels about you.

Some guys can easily identify if a girl likes him or not but other guys can’t and it’s difficult for them to understand women. If you are in the latter group and want to know how to find out whether your female co-worker likes you or not, here are some of the obvious signs that indicate that a female-coworker truly doesn’t like you.

She has an Unkind Attitude:

Unless she has professional work to talk to you about, she will never talk to you, not even a single word. She will hardly acknowledge your presence. Though you try your best to be polite, she still gives you an unkind and sometimes nasty attitude. This means that she doesn’t like you; especially if she is sweet to other people she works with and knows.

She Gives You Unfriendly Looks:

If you catch her looking at you with an unfriendly or disgusted expression on her face, this is a red flag that she doesn’t like you. You may be trying hard to finish your work, but you sometimes feel that someone is glaring at you and you look up to see that your female co-worker has a miserable expression aimed in your direction. This leaves no doubt that she doesn’t like you.

She Gives You a Smug Look When You Get Reprimanded:

If she gives you a smug look or smiles slyly when your supervisor or boss scolds you for not doing things right, then this again is a bad sign.

Look for Her Body Language:

The best way to understand whether a woman likes you or not, is to observe her body language. Does she give you the cold shoulder intentionally? Does she turn her back when she sees you or when you approach her to speak with her? She is quite obviously letting you know that she doesn’t like you.

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