How to Date a Shy Girl

Many guys struggle to understand shy girls; they find it difficult to gauge what they are thinking or what they really feel. Learning how to impress and date a shy girl requires more patience and extra thought. Sometimes the quiet nature of a shy girl can be quite confusing and alluring as well. So, if you are thinking of dating a quiet and mysterious woman, it’s time to take a different path from a traditional dating route.

Make Things Simple:

The biggest challenge for many guys who date shy girls is that they never understand the mind of a quiet, shy girl. Women generally love getting compliments and flattery. However, a shy girl might feel awkward and embarrassed if you compliment her or publicly voice your affection for her. So, be very careful about the choice of your words, when you talk to her. Just plan a group outing or a group date, if you want to take her out. Don’t call for a date until you are sure she is comfortable.

Plan a Non-Threatening Date:

Remember that she is a shy, quiet girl and she is not comfortable having long one-on-one conversations. Taking her for a movie may be the best choice, this will give you some topics to talk about or discuss on the way back home. Doing something active or indulging in some activities will take her mind off from feeling uneasy or struggling to find something to say..

Ask Her About Herself:

Yes, shy girls usually are good listeners, however you should also understand that they will get irritated and upset if the conversation is all about you. You can start the conversation about your interest, hobbies etc. and simultaneously ask about her life, interests, career and get her to engage in conversation with you. Show interest in her family, career, hobbies and try to find some common ground with her.

Be Understanding and Supportive:

Dating a shy girl is all about making her feel comfortable with you. So, be supportive and never underestimate her opinions and don’t laugh at her when she gets nervous. Here, you need to focus on her interests and encourage her.

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