How to Tell the Difference Between Lust and Love

Am I in love or am I in lust? It is a question o that has for a long time caused uncertainty and confusion for many people. The concept of love and relationship is so complex that it really cannot be defined. As such many people often confuse the physical feeling, lust  with the emotional feeling love”. It is important, however, to understand that lust often plays a role in the physical aspect of love. Here are a few tips to understand the difference between lust and love and help you better understand better your relationship.

Know the Object of your Desire:

Carefully consider what your intentions are with regards to the person you are interested in.. For clarity you can write a brief description of the person and see where your main interest lies with him/her. Does your interest lie in his/her physical appearance such as looks, body type or eye color?. Or, does their character appeal more to you? If your attraction towards the person is all about the physical, know that lust is what you are looking for.

Learn About His/Her Life:

Engage the person you are interested in, in conversation. By talking to them you learn more about them and if you find yourself more curious about what makes them tick then you may very well be on the path to falling in love.. The more you learn about him/her, the more you are interested in him/her, whether it’s good or bad, it’s most likely to be love. Often if you are not interested in what the other person has to say or find them annoying then it is safe to assume you have no feelings for them.

Consider your Feelings:

When you are apart from each other, examine your feelings, whether your thoughts are all about getting physical or something more than that. If it’s lust, your feelings towards the person are all about getting physical and nothing more. If your thoughts are more than just physical and have the interest to share your thoughts, feelings or dream to him/her, then it can be love.

Considering the Person’s Needs and Interests:

When people are in love with someone, they tend to consider the interests of the person they are interested, before they consider their own needs. So, consider whether you are keeping him/her on your priority list or not?? . If you cannot see yourself sharing a future with this person then your relationship may be one based on lust.

Yes, physical attraction is an important part of love, however understand that love is something more than just physical attraction. Be completely honest with yourself when questioning your reasoning for being with this person.

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