How to Caress a Girl You Love

Being intimate with the woman you love is very special and need not be a stressful endeavor. Take into consideration that all women are different and as such have different moods and preferences. By paying attention to her reactions and learning to read her body language you will be able to understand how best to approach her.

Stroke Her Arms:

Start out slowly and tentatively with delicate, light touches. Slowly stroking her arm is good way to gauge if she is enjoying herself. Make sure that you don’t grab her or are too rough. Run your fingers on her arms, moving it slowly towards her palm and kiss her hand. Stop immediately if you find her resisting.

Play with Her Hair:

This is probably the best way to caress a woman, because most women enjoy playing their hair by others, especially from their loved ones. You may find little difficult to play if the hair is short, but you can still try spraying and spiking the hair. If your girl has a long, soft hair, you may like to twirl the lock in your hand. Brushing her hair lightly or gently away from her face or over her shoulder is another great way of caressing a girl.

Rub Her Back:

Try rubbing her back if she is quite comfortable with you. Most women find rubbing their back and shoulder massage very relaxing and soothing. Ensure that you don’t pinch her skin or rub too hard. Stroke her back with your palm.

Touch Her Face:

Caressing her face is also a great way of making girls’ happy. A gentle touch on her cheeks with your fingers while kissing is also a big turn on for girls. Hold her face with your hands and look into her eyes is a very powerful move.

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