How to Stop Dating Your Friend

At some point of time, we find ourselves at a very complicated situation where we involve a close friend with the opposite sex. And yes, there are times when your so called opposite sex friend turns more than just friend, eventually enter into a romantic relationship, which can be very tricky and difficult to handle indeed. With more seriousness and intimacy involved, it can lead to either a strong relationship or losing your friendship. So, here are a few tips to stop dating a friend, if you feel that you should remain as just friends.

  • Once you have decided your mind, take action immediately or as soon as possible. Because, the longer you wait or think, the more it will be difficult to break up for both of you.
  • Talk to your friend and make her/him understand what you think about your relationship, or what mistakes both of you have made. Explain why both of you need to stop dating.
  • If both of you agree and decided to get back as friends like before, expect some awkwardness for some time. And though, both of you have a mutual understanding to return as friends again, there is a possibility that things will not be the same between the two of you.
  • Set certain boundaries and make a clear understanding what your new relationship as friends would be. This include no more exclusive date, kiss and sex. It should also include, start dating with other people. Never suggest or tell your friends, that there is a possibility of coming back together romantically, once you have taken decision to stop.
  • Recognize your own feelings. You may need to stop seeing each other if you feel ambivalent about your decision. Try to start dating with other person and need to move on.

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