Top Five Things Women Want from Men

Men are often under the impression that all women want from men is money and worldly goods such as flowers, jewelry, etc.. However it is quite surprising for many guys what women actually want from men..Here are the top five things what women really want from their men when they are involving in a long term and serious relationship.

1.      Be Romantic:

Once you have entered into a serious relationship, women don’t want them to be treated like just your friend. They expect something more from you and not like you are treating to your friends. They want you to make them feel special. So, surprise your wife or girlfriend every once a while or once in a while with a romantic and loving gesture such as leaving a card saying you really love her, before she leaves for work or give a surprise candle light dinner. Women need sweet or small romantic gestures from their partners just to be reminded and assured that you do really love and care for her.

2.      Ability to Hold an Intelligent Conversation:

Don’t forget that women love to talk. Try to indulge your woman whenever she tries to talk to you and shares something with you. Also, learn to be a good listener as well. Pay attention to your girlfriend when she is talking to you about something very important and serious. And, instead of simply nodding your head and listening, try to add to the conversation and make her understand that you are there for her whenever she needs help.

3.      Sympathy:

Being supportive and being sympathetic is what women actually want from their men. If your girlfriend or wife had a bad day for whatever reason, she wants your encouragement and sympathy. She may not expect you to solve all her problems, but she just wants to know that you are supportive of her and you are there for her.

4.      Appreciation:

Always remember that women need to be loved and appreciated from time to time to keep them happy. Do not ignore the things she does for you or when she achieves something, make her understand you really appreciate it. Women may not be doing things just for to get appreciation from their men, but they feel bad when they are taken for granted. If your wife or girlfriend dresses nicely or looks attractive, don’t forget to give her compliments. This will make them feel good and happy thinking that at least her efforts to make her look attractive don’t go waste.

5.      Pick Up After Yourself:

Don’t forget that your wife or girlfriend is neither your maid nor your mother. Yes, you expect your wife to prepare lunch or dinner for you, take care of your clothes and keep things neat and clean. However, you should also understand that, it is common courtesy to pick up your clothes from the floor that you took off or to keep your plate at the wash basin after eating. Women do have lots of work and don’t simply give extra work or burden by keeping things messy. Help them out wherever you can and make their life simpler.

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