Top 4 Online Flirting Tips – Show Your Online Charm!


Flirting face to face is quite different from online flirting. When in a face to face situation, it can be easier than flirting online as you have the option of using body language as well. With flirting online you require a few special techniques.


Tips for Online Flirting


Keep the following tips in mind while being at your flirtatious best online:


·         It’s All About Using The Right Words:


The most wonderful thing about online flirting is that, it gives you time to think and respond. Unfortunately, when you say something, you do not have the option of taking it back. However, you can choose all the right words. . If you are sending a mail, read through the content and ensure that it is appropriate. There are a few things that a person will never dare to speak in person while flirting, and, it is wise to stick to the same principle even over the internet.


·         Work On The Chemistry:


It is very important that you build chemistry with your flirting partner. Since you do not have the advantage of noticing the recipient’s movements, gestures or even worse, not be able to look in the eyes, you have to find other ways of creating chemistry. To become a successful flirt, you need chemistry. To build that strong foundation for chemistry, you can do simple things like exchange photos, share interests or you can make it fun by playing online games of your choice. Discussing your interests or giving a simple compliment on his/her photo can form as a reason to flirt.


·         Keep It As Simple As Possible:


The most important online flirting tip is not to come across too strong while building chemistry. Excessive complimenting can just scare the person away. Initially, try to stick to asking very basic questions and avoid asking very personal questions. Make the person feel comfortable talking to you. When you are questioned, reply in the same way as he/she responds. Never give too little or too much about yourself without even getting the same favour in return.


·         Be At Your Humoristic Best:


An important aspect of communication, especially when flirting is – humor. The best medicine for breaking the ice is humor. It helps in relieving the tension when meeting a person for the first time. The best part is, it keeps the conversation light, flowing and very upbeat. However, it is very senseless to use humor at wrong moments, it is just going to make you look like a fool. Try not to offend the person you are talking to. Like they say ‘too much is too bad’ in the same way, too much humor is also too bad as it may not depict you as a serious person. Even if it works initially, it is going to loose its charm soon.


With these simple online flirting tips, you sure can make a very impressive and safe flirting gesture online.

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